Attended NORWAC conference in Seattle.
2010 - 2015
Attended local astrology conferences in Israel.
2012 - 2014
Took Robert Zoller’s medieval astrology online course.
Attended Astrological Association of GB annual conference.


Graduated with a psychology bachelor’s degree from Tel Aviv University, final paper on the subject of ‘Meaning Allocation among Astrologers and Scientists’.

2013 - 2015
Article on Jupiter’s ingress into Leo – Ynet astrology portal (in Hebrew),7340,L-4546891,00.html
Article on Jupiter’s ingress into Virgo – Ynet astrology portal (in Hebrew),7340,L-4689668,00.html
Article on Saturn’s ingress into Sagittarius – Rom Shamaim astrology site (in Hebrew)כוכב+שבתאי+במזל+קשת.html

Venus in the Signs and Prostitution as a Vocation – article in Urania astrology magazine (in Hebrew)

2013 - present
Articles on Dima Gur's Astrology blog (here):
exaltation scheme for the outer planets | moon phases and the elements | earth signs | sect-based rulerships for signs | the eight lunar phases reconfigured | the capricorn glyph | saturn in aquarius | the astrology of plagues | neptune as a benefic | dexter and sinister aspects | russia's invasion of ukraine 

Professional Experience
2013 - 2018
Ghostwriting a weekly, a monthly and a yearly horoscope column in a major Israeli internet portal, Ynet.

2013 - present
Recording many episodes of a Hebrew language astrology podcast (more are at the works).הפודקאסטהאסטרולוגי

2012 - present
Client work, with dozens of past clients. Tutoring astrology in the form of private lessons.

    With Chris Brennan, after Astrological Association
    of GB Conference, 2019

    With Rob Hand, at NORWAC conference, 2008