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Private Tutoring - Astrology Basics and Beyond


The aim of the course is to acquire basic knowledge of astrological principles, in the first half of the course. This knowledge is intended to be applied in order to read astrology charts. In the second half of the course, intermediate and advanced topics would be explored. The focus of the course is on natal astrology. The astrology basics course provides the necessary tools to read astrology charts, both from modern and traditional perspectives. Graduates of the course can continue in their studies, and learn predictive techniques, horary and electional.  

Course Program
Basic Unit
1-3. Introduction, history, astronomy, what is astrology, astrology charts and resources.
4-6. The planets, elements and modes -
from a modern and traditional perspective.
7-9. The signs
- from a modern and traditional perspective.
Houses, hemispheres and house systems - from a modern and traditional perspective.
.13-16 Aspects, aspect patterns and unaspected planets.
Advanced Unit
17-19. Retrograde planets, chart shapes and singletons.
20-22. The lunation cycle, the nodes of the moon and Chiron.
23-26. Asteroids, fixed stars and Arabic points.
27-30. Essential and accidental dignity.
31-32. Separating the wheat from the chaff and the art of synthesis.

Points of Note
Lessons are taught live over Zoom video meeting.   
~ Lesson duration is up to 1 hour and 15 mins.
~ Lesson frequency is once a week, unless otherwise requested. 
~ Lessons are accompanied by visual presentations.
Lesson program may be elongated somewhat, in case progress would be to slow to cover all unit material within the given timeframe.

Bonus Material
~ Students are able to record all of the lessons, for personal use only.
~ At the end of each lesson, additional reading would be provided on course materials.
~ Periodically class assignments would also be given.
~ Active students are entitled to receive astrological mentorship, as part of the course. 
~ A graduation diploma will be granted to students who successfully complete the course.   

Individual lessons are priced at 45$ each.
Each course unit, comprised of 10-lessons, is priced at 400$. Please see the "services" section, in the bottom of the page, for more detail and for purchasing.

Your Tutor
Dima Gur is a professional consulting astrologer from Israel, with almost two decades of experience.
Dima has written many articles on astrology, both in Hebrew and English. He authored a horoscope column, for a major Israeli website, for several years.
He attended local and international astrological conferences, and studied traditional astrology from Robert Zoller’s online diploma course (amongst other sources). 
Additionally, Dima holds a B.A. in the humanities, and an M.A. in Social Psychology from Tel Aviv University.  

You can contact me with questions and inquiries by means of EmailWhatsApp Messenger or by sending me a message on Facebook.