You can order a reading, which will be sent to you in the form of a written astrological report. Each report is guaranteed to contain much depth and insight! Together with the report, we would meet via video-chat, to discuss and summarize things. 
I've been consulting clients since 2012, mainly in Israel, but I'm always happy to have international clients as well. I also have a profile on Fiverr, but please order here to avoid extra expenses on Fiverr commissions. 

In my astrological consultations, I use methods from traditional and modern astrology, both. My advice is always practical, and the interpretations are given with the "glass half full" approach. 

I will try to reach the highest possible level of accuracy, but please take into considerations that in the sublunar sphere 100% accuracy is pretty much beyond reach. Sadly, even doctors, accountants and engineers make mistakes. Astrologers aren't an exception, I'm afraid.   


Prior to ordering please send an email to, in which you should specify the following things:
[1.] Which astrological reading you would like to have.
[2.] What are you trying to achieve, understand or to do via the reading.
[3.] Please write about the background of the situation at hand.
[4.] If you can, please add a few words about yourself for means of context.

After I'll receive your email, feel free to pay via the PayPal link, on the appropriate service below. I'll also send you a confirmation email, together with additional questions in order to clarify things. If needed, we may also get in touch by means of Zoom or a WhatsApp call. 

Usually I have prior orders, so it might take a couple of days to finish your reading. Please bear in mind that the chart analysis is processed into the form of a written report, and this takes time as well. The report is usually several pages long, very detailed, but a succinct conclusion is also presented when possible.

Since I do not believe that life or astrology are fully deterministic, your astrological report might include several supported courses of action, which will all be suggested.

After you'll receive the written report and go through it, feel free to contact me again with any questions or follow up inquiries concerning the matter. I would address those in order to remove doubt and make the reading more coherent. 
[please bear in mind that after a month or two a small extra charge may be applied for additional questions and clarifications] 

The astrological readings I offer aren't necessarily cheap, since for each of them many hours are spent in the attempt to offer you the best and most accurate treatment. You can try and ask for a discount, and if it would be possible at that moment I would offer one.

If you've ordered a reading but you'd like to cancel it, for any reason, you can contact me. As long as I did not begin working on it, you're entitled to a full refund.
[Please bear in mind that I may deduce a small transaction fee of 5%]

You'll be eligible for a small discount on the less expensive reading, if you'll order two or more readings at the same time. 


You can contact me with questions and inquiries by means of EmailWhatsApp Messenger or by sending me a message on Facebook.



Readings On Offer

Horary Astrology
quick and focused answer to a question of your choosing.

Horary Astrology is a traditional astrological method by which an astrologer uses the time a question is asked to erect an astrological chart. This astrological chart is then analyzed using precise interpretation guidelines and an answer is given. 

Almost any question can be asked. Here are some examples: should I take the job? does he / she loves me? will I be accepted to university? should I buy the property? my cat is lost, where is he? should I sue? am I pregnant?

Some things of note: 

  • The question must be relevant to your life in some way or form. You can't ask general questions, like "who will be the next president of the United States?"
  • Try to make the question as precise as possible, first for yourself. Otherwise the answer also won't be precise.
  •  The question must be your own, if it's your spouse's / mother's / friend's question it has to be specified.

Cost: 110$.       
Length of written report: 5-9P.
* It may be possible to use the same horary chart to answer a few different questions, for each question beyond the first an additional price of 40$ is incurred.
* Medical horaries incur a 15$ price increase. 


Future Forecast
A forecast for two to three years, using a combination of modern and traditional techniques. 

Current life circumstances will be examined as a baseline, from which future predictions would be issued. 

Traditional techniques such as Annual Profections, Zodiacal Releasing, Firdaria, Distributions and Primary Directions would be used. In tandem with modern techniques such as Transits, Progressions, Solar Returns and Solar Arcs, which would be examined as well. A common denominator would be ascertained after considering the astrological influences and conclusions would be drawn.

In the analysis it would be possible to concentrate on a few topics important for the client, or to give a more well rounded view for the near future.  

Cost: 155$.
Length of written report: 7-12P.
* A shorter time frame of a "year ahead forecast" is available for the price of 125$

Natal Reading
Gain insights into your personality, unique challenges and life's mission. 

The natal reading will give a breakdown of your personality and your life, through the combined point of view of psychological and traditional astrology. 

Your life would be examined according to topics such as: disposition, temperament, finance, childhood, family, children, health, relationships, education, career, social life and more. Each of these topics would be appraised from an astrological point of view. Useful suggestions would be given, wherever applicable.

Additional emphasis is provided on your personal challenges and strengths, your relationship patterns, and your life's mission and the soul's karmic past.

This reading is recommended for younger people, or anyone who's at a crossroads in terms of life purpose.    

Cost: 155$.
Length of written report: 8-16P.

Live Reading - Astrocoaching
Get answers quickly using the astrocoaching service. 

Unlike the rest of the services, which are on offer. Use the live reading in order to get insights on the fly for any life dilemmas. The reading is either based on your natal chart, on predictive techniques which would help come to terms with current events, or on your synastry with a special other. 

This offering isn't suited for a question chart (a horary), an electional chart, or for a rectification service. 

The reading is given via Zoom or Skype, and it's possible and recommended to record the reading.

Cost: 20$ for the first 15 minutes, and an additional 15$ for any 15 minutes after that.

Electional Astrology
Pick the most auspicious time for your venture. 

Electional Astrology is an ancient art through which the astrologer uses his knowledge of planetary movements in an effort to make important beginnings and the launching of ventures more successful.

The astrologer uses his tools and knowledge to appraise different date and times within a scope the client gives, in order to find the moment which offers the highest chance of success.

Electional Astrology can be used to pick a time for a wedding, launch a business, sign a contract, purchase an important commodity, going on a long trip, picking a time for a surgery and other such ventures. 

The client must specify a time-frame to choose from (dates, days, hours) and to notify the astrologer about where the new beginning will take place.

Cost: 110$
Length of written report: 4-8P.

Understand the forces which operate in your relationship. 

A synastry report is what happens when we superimpose one natal chart over another. This gives a surprisingly accurate view of the forces and energies which operate inside a relationship. This could be a romantic, a familial, a professional or a relationship between friends. 

Synastry allows for a better understanding of particular characteristics, challenges and advantages in a given relationship. Astrological predictive techniques would be applied as well, with regard to examine the present state of affairs. Suggestions for improvement, and special areas of care, would be touched upon as well. 

In addition to synastry, the couple's composite chart could be examined for an additional fee. 



Cost: 205$.
Length of written report: 12-20P.

Locational Astrology
Maximize your potential using astrological relocation.

Locational astrology takes into account a person's birth chart, and by extrapolating the birth data into various locations on earth a picture of the unique energies for every location can be ascertained. You will gain information on the different opportunities and challenges inherent in each city or area of the globe, according to your inquiry. 

The process, from start to finish, usually involves the client asking about a desired geographical area to which you'd want to relocate to (such as Europe, the states, et cetera). You would also be asked about the life areas you'd like to improve by moving to the new location. Is there's a specific reason for which you'd like to relocate? It's important to state it as well.

Alternatively locational astrology can be used to determine an excellent vacation spot. If this is the case, it's important to specify what type of vacation are you aiming for. A leisurely vacation, an adventurous one, taking in some culture, or any other motive or reason for traveling. 

Please take into consideration that this report is designed for one person only. If you'd like to receive insights in the locational astrology of two or more people, additional costs may ensue.  

Cost: 110$.
Length of written report: 4-8P.

Chart Rectification
Retro-engineer your birth time, using astrology.

In case your birth time is not known, astrology won't be fully effective in natal readings, future forecasts or in its other capabilities. 

One solution is to reverse engineer the birth time, using life event dates, photograph data, rectification questionnaires and other methods. 

The rectification process is sometimes complex, and that is why your cooperation is essential to the process. 

Once the process is complete, a birth time with a less than two hours margin of error could be reasonably established. The rising sign would be determined, and most often this is sufficient for a working natal chart.

If you are certain that you were born during a specific time frame, of within 6 hours or less, the rectification would be offered at a discounted rate. 

Cost: 175$.
Length of written report: 3-6P.
* If you know that you were born within a 6 hour interval, or less, the price would be 145$.

Private Tutoring
Learn astrology, or build up on existing knowledge, through video call lessons.

One on one tutoring is offered, which will allow you to learn the basics:
signs, planets, houses, aspects, elements & modes.
To expand beyond the basics:
the nodes, retrogrades, house systems, aspect patterns, chart shapes, asteroids & chiron.
To delve into traditional astrology and advanced methods:
essential dignity, accidental dignity, sect, arabic points, fixed stars & eclipses. 

You can choose to receive tutoring in the form of a structured course, which aim is teaching astrology from A to Z, or in the form of individual lessons on topics of your own choosing. The course program contains two units: basic study and advanced material. 
Predictive astrology, horary astrology and electional astrology are also offered as subjects of study in this form.
Video lessons will be given via Zoom. 
Reading and assignments are given at the end of each lesson. 
Active students are entitled to receive astrological mentorship as part of the course. 

Cost: 45$.
Lesson length: 1 hour & 15 minutes.
* It is possible to purchase the basic or the advanced study unit, of 10 sessions each, at the price of 400$. Alternatively, one can purchase both for the discounted price. 

Single lesson:

Ten sessions - lesson pack: